Our process of Web Development Projects
  • Phase 1 Phase 1: Preliminary Research and Discovery Phase
  • Phase 2 Phase 2: Strategic Planning
  • Phase 3 Phase 3: Web Design and Graphic Design Work
  • Phase 4 Phase 4: Front End Programming
  • Phase 5 Phase 5: Server-Side Development
  • Phase 6 Phase 6: Quality Assurance and Launch
  • Phase 7 Phase 7: SEO, Promotion, Statistics and Reporting

Phase 1: Preliminary Research and Discovery Phase

We start with a brief 15-30 minute phone call to get to know you, your project and to see how many levels of compatibility we have. If it's a good fit we'll schedule a formal Exploration Meeting where we'll scope out your project, discuss design direction and clarify your goals, among other items. After that meeting we'll provide a detailed proposal and project timeline, and hopefully get started shortly thereafter.


Thanks to our Exploration Meeting, we will have a list of project requirements and tasks, all ready to be turned into a proposal. Our next pass to you will include estimated costs, a project start date, a timeline, and a strategic launch plan.

With those executed and an initial 30% deposit made, we're ready to start your mission and schedule your Strategic Planning Meeting!