Now it's time for the programming part of your website and implementing all of your website's functionality (CMS, blog, photo gallery, shopping cart, email generation, PDF generation, etc.) We are moments away from lift off into the Site Launch stage!

We will always have the following "sites" active on your account"

  • Git Repository: A working copy from were all development starts
  • Staging Site: A hidden copy of your site, located on your domain, but hidden from the public. When changes are being made to your site, we will put them here first, so you can see them before approve them to got to the production site.
  • Production Site: This is the site that the regular public will go. Notice that we will never work directly on this site, in order to guarantee that the public will never see (parts of) the site in development.
  • Local Development Site: We keep a local copy of your site on our servers, where we will do all the development of your site.

When we make changes to your site, they will always be in this order:

  1. If necessary we will download a copy from the Git Repository to our local servers (The Git Repository is the "working copy" that has all the current development and all the notes of previous development.
  2. After we have made change or have added functionality, we will update the Git Repository (with all the development notes), and push the site to the staging site.
  3. After you have approved the changes on the staging site, we will then push them to the production site.