Cloud Automation: What You Need to Know and Why It's Important

Cloud computing is boldly going where no other system has gone before. With so many organizations moving to some type of cloud platform, providers are finding more ways to create the true fully automated cloud environment. Now, we haven't quite reached that point, but we're getting closer.

Within the concept of cloud automation and orchestration are several important layers all working together. Starting at the data center level, the automation process includes technologies which, when combined, can produce some pretty powerful cloud infrastructures.

So, what are those cloud automation layers and why are they important?

Cloud automation

  • What you need to know. True cloud orchestration is being driven by open-source technologies. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of standardization here yet. But the technology and the development around it is developing very fast. Our automation tools are now being used to automate management functions that previously required a lot of manual intervention. This heavy lifting used to be part of the administrative task. Now it can be completely off-loaded.
  • Why it's important. Yes, it's a newer concept. But this certainly hasn't stopped organizations from diving into the development and testing pool. Remember, your data is critical. And, creating powerful cloud automation services to replicate, secure and quantify your information is critical for you to stay competitive.

The cost of moving to a cloud platform is shrinking, which means more organizations are capable of adopting some type of cloud model. The business drivers to move to the cloud are growing, and cloud providers are looking everywhere to increase efficiency. One great way to do this is our structured and layered cloud automation platform.